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“The Chapin Construction Company is a most caring, helpful and quality builder. Big or small project,
this group strives to make its clients happy with a personalized home that is lovable, livable, and lasting.”

—Linda Kenney Baden, Esq.

& Dr. Michael Baden,

Forensic Pathologist


Steve Dubrovsky, Founder and CEO of The Chapin Estate and Chapin Construction, designs and builds handcrafted homes that are inspired by the Great Camps of the Gilded age.
With design cues from nature, the homes feature tree supports from the build site, hand-hewn timber and abundant native stone. Even so they possess a design sensibility that incorporates a mixture of high technology and innovative creativity that resonates with the growing number of buyers.
The Chapin Construction team possesses a deep reverence for nature.
From green design and technologies, to locally sourced woods and stone, to precise sunlight orientation that maximizes the collection of passive solar energy, a Chapin Construction home in every way upholds the Chapin commitment to environmental respect. As if sprouting from the land itself on generous lots no smaller than five acres, Chapin Construction will sensitively site your home taking full advantage of natural marvels such as stately trees and forever-blue lakes.
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