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“I have known Steve Dubrovsky

for a good many years on the Professional Rodeo Circuit as one

of the best in his field. He had always been a force for the good in this endeavor and has had the respect

of his fellow competitors. They do not give this respect lightly and are quick to see through any phonies.”

—Malcolm Baldridge
United States Secretary of Commerce

An Award-Winning Team

Chapin Construction has decades of experience in land development, engineering, professional planning, business management, and designing and building handcrafted homes. Its unique homes and homesites of The Chapin Estate follow a harmony-with-nature approach to blend seamlessly with the natural beauty and richness of the landscape. Guiding the firm is Steve Dubrovsky who, for more than 40 years, has planned, designed and built nationally acclaimed Adirondack and northwestern-style custom homes in many states. These sought-after homes have been featured in national magazines as well as in many prestigious communities.

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